Weddings at Willard Chapel

Imagine celebrating your wedding day
at the Historic Willard Memorial Chapel.

The Willard Memorial Chapel, designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, is a beautiful and unique place to celebrate your wedding. This brochure outlines our wedding policies and procedures. Please take a few moments to carefully read the following information.

You are responsible for informing your wedding party, those you have hired, and your guests of the chapel’s rules and regulations. The chapel reserves the right to modify our policies as necessary.

Saturday weddings are scheduled at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm. Rehearsals for Saturday weddings are scheduled for one hour on Fridays at 4, 5 or 6 pm.

When a reservation is made, a one hour rehearsal and three hours for the ceremony are reserved. The wedding ceremony must be performed in the middle of this three-hour period. It is imperative to stay within this time frame.

For example, if your wedding is scheduled for 11 am,
your schedule would be:

10:00 am –10:30 am: Flowers delivered and decorations arranged
10:30 am –11:00 am: Prelude music begins and guests seated
11:00 am –12:00 pm: Wedding service performed
12:00 pm –  1:00 pm: Photos taken and guests received

We recommend that you carefully plan the ceremony if you wish to have a receiving line or photographs taken at the chapel. Please inform your photographer of your plans so they will stay within the reserved time frame.

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Caterers and Receptions Venues


Custom Wedding Jewelry


Hand Printing, Favors, Calligraphy


Florists and Designers










Seating Capacity

Variety of Instruments



Wedding License


Wedding License
A ceremony cannot be performed without a license.

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Flowers placed on each side of the podium add a very beautiful touch. However, there are some restrictions in the use of flowers. In an effort to preserve the beauty of Willard Chapel, candles (other than a unity candle) are no longer allowed in the building. The smoke from the candles damages the stained glass and ceilings and open flames present an obvious hazard. In addition, pew bows may only be fastened with ribbon or rubber bands. No pew clips, tacks, tape or wire are allowed.

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Great measures are being taken to beautify the grounds at the chapel. It is imperative that your guests not park or turn around on the lawn. Willard Chapel has two parking lots for your use. The main lot is off of Nelson Street. The north lot is off of Seymour Street and is the only entrance that is handicapped accessible. When the Nelson Street lot is full, we ask that our Seymour Street lot is used. The chapel entrance is located just beyond the garden through the walkway.

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Seating Capacity
The chapel can accommodate a maximum of 225 guests.

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Additional Information
The use of the following is prohibited at the chapel before, during and after the wedding: food, rice, confetti, potpourri and bird seed.

In order to preserve Willard Chapel and to comply with our insurance regulations, we are required to enforce the following:

  • No smoking
  • No alcohol in the building or on the premises
  • Only service animals are allowed inside the building (i.e. seeing eye dogs)
  • At the time of the wedding, you must accept the chapel interior as is, including seasonal decorations (Christmas only)
  • No chairs or other equipment may be moved

There are facilities in the chapel where the bride and attendants may dress and a separate room is available for the groom and ushers. The chapel is not responsible for any valuables left anywhere, at anytime, in the chapel.

The bride and groom must agree to be responsible for:

  • completing the entire wedding within the allotted three hour time frame
  • making all arrangements with the officiator and the musicians
  • submitting the balance of the rental fee one month prior to the wedding ceremony
  • making bridal party and guests aware of chapel rules
  • the supervision of children
  • the behavior of guests
  • any damage to the facility or its furnishings


  • $600 for regular dates with a $300 deposit
  • $900 for holiday dates with a $450 deposit

Deposits may be paid via cash or check to the Willard Chapel’s office, 17 Nelson Street, Auburn NY  13021 from 10am to 4pm Tuesdays through Fridays or by mail. Deposits may also be paid conveniently via PayPal by using the button below!!




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Photographers, Videographers, Florists, 
Limousines, Caterers and Reception Venues, 
Favors & Calligraphy, and Miscellaneous Services for Weddings

The Community Preservation Committee provides this list as a courtesy. 
(The Bride and Groom make the choice without influence from our staff). 

Gaston Moore Photography 315.255.1224    
Tom Hanning Photography 315.834.9022    
Vision Art by Denise 315.258.7166    
Anderson Photography 315.759.6145    
Cyndee Sharpe Photography 315.672.3675    
MGM Photography - Maureen McEvers 315.252.6303
Paul Carmen Photography - Paul C. Viggiano Photographer 917-697-5855  
J. Freeman Photography 315.730.3966  
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Steve Gage Productions 315.252.4443    
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Rumors Limousine Service 315.889.5466
BIG D's Limos 315.730.5931
American Limousine 315.473.2000
Auburn Limousine 315.252.1057
Right Limousine 800.647.5466
JK Percherons, “Elegant Horse Drawn Carriage Services” 315-224-0293
First Student Charter Bus 855-272-3222 BOOK A CHARTER   
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Custom Wedding Jewelry
Donna Riester 315.252.3405
Susan Silverman 315.252.6759
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Hand Printing, Favors, Calligraphy
GRS Favors & Calligraphy 315.834.2446   
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Florists and Designers
Cosentino Florists 315.253.4451
Foley Florist 315.253.6487
Shaw & Boehler Florists 315.252.7231
Smiley's Florists 315.252.7259
Wildflowers 607.844.3597 
Ambiance Designers 
Fleur de lis Florist 315.685.3484  
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Caterers and Reception Venues:
Balloons Restaurant & Catering 315.252.9761
Springside Inn Restaurant & Catering 315.252.7247
Emerson Park Pavilion 607.256.3463
The Apple Station Winery & Farm Store 315.889.5814  
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Karen Bartlett-Morse 315.252.1214
Lori Rhodes Pettit 315.406-3417
Gary Rhodes 315.253.9525
Susan May 315.364.7141
Bostiano Sidoti 315.754.6698
Susan Petrocci 315.672.3481
Bobbi Harvey 315.253.5098
Carrie McNeill 315.253.0912
Anne Adessa 315.253.4887
Julie Howard 315.253.3939
Sara Heit 315.253.8900
Samantha Hockey 315.406-8205
Stacy Coleman 315.253.3200
Amy Bellamy 315.224.0691
Colleen Liggett 585.235.7947
Rebecca Carr 315.252.3194    
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Jason Keeton 315.594.2984
Lori Rhodes Pettit 315.406.3417
Susan May 315.364.7141
Cheri Allred 315.685.3047
Kathleen Strickland 315.730.4451
Donna Riester 315.252.5040 (H)
315.246.6754 (C)
Muriel Hickey 315.252.7420
Harvyn Tarkmeeo 315.685.6895
Tom Techman 315.252.9169
Karen Bartlett-Morse 315.252.1214
Steve Uhnak 315.258.0406
Rebecca Pezzulo 315.568.2043
Sandy McNabb 315.246.5612
Donald Saxon 315.252.0795
Mary Holzhauer 315.292.2317
Armand DiScenna 315.278.7029
Kathy Wilt 315.720.4139    
Rebecca Pezzulo 315.246.5318    
Jimmy Main 315.255.2607  
Phillip Fillion 585.935.1802  
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Lori Rhodes Pettit 315.406.3417
Ed Mosley 315.252.0958
Susan May 315.364.7141
Kathleen Strickland 315.889.5174
Tom Techman 315.252.9169
Kim Fetters 315.423.7804
Amy Bellamy 315.224.0691
Nick Hrynyk 315.729.7480
Jennifer Hysick 315.415.0003
Kathy Wilt 315.720.4139    
Donna Riester 315.252.5040 (H)
315.246.6754 (C)
Evelyn Calkins 315.626.3635 (H) 315.283.7517 (C)
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Kathy Malarney 315.252.0024
Bob Piorun 315.252.6684
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Christopher C. Molloy 315.258.3777
Whispering Strings (Flute & Harp) 315.252.0313
Lisa Craig Fenwick 607.257.6962  
Grace Scarpino-Stoutenburg 607.592.7906
Kelsey Munz 315.412.4122  
Bob Piorun 315.252.6684
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DJ Hump 315.515.1565    

Variety of Instruments:
Bob Piorun & Rachael Tissot 315.252.6684
Candlelight String Quartet (Robert
     Connell & Janice Carr)
Drew French 315.483.9675
A2 String Duet (Allison Avrich & Marie Peacock) 315.529.2127
Festive Music 315.253.4765
Cornucopia (String Quartet, Duo,
     Trio with Keyboard)
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Justice Robert Hook 315.834.6618 (O)
315.834.9339 (H)
Justice Glen Fritch 315.834.9972
Justice James Matthews 315.685.7627
Justice Chad Hayden 315.255.0074
Rev. Ken Mochel 315.255.9133 (H)
Rev. Craig Lindsey 315.685.5048
Rev. Phyllis Granger 315.539.2945
Rev. Marilyn Foster 315.568.2352
Rev. David Blanchard 315.446.5940
Rev. Stuart Chalup Buisch 315.331.2255
Rev. Sandra Cordingley 315.689.3441 (O)
315.689.2038 (H)
Rev. Linda Zach 315.889.7762
Rev. Calvin Hsu 315.834.9212 (O)
315.834.6265 (H)
Rev. Hani W. Khoury 315.458.7976
Rev. Aaron M. Bowers 315.594.2755
Rev. Tom Flickinger 315.754.6597
Rev. Thomas R. Drake 315.252.4234
Rev. Floyd Duger 315.569.2978
Rev. Matthew Binkewicz 607.280.1586
Hon. Gary A. James 315.626.2898
Rev. Dr. Stanley Sears 607.227.2479
Minister Kate Alexander 315.751.2921    
Susan Marteney 315.252.7141  
Melanne Keim 315-341-8391  
Shane D. Truman 607.207.2358    
Karen Macier  315.246.9484(C)    
Rev. Renee-Noelle Felice  315.426.1543    
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Please email: for more information on Weddings at Willard Chapel and Wedding Planning.

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